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PPT Program (Peak Performance Training)

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Take Your Performance To The Next Level With the PPT Program!

Nick Persichetti has over 12 years experience in training the body to increase power, agility, and speed! These traits add up to a winning combination on the field or in the arena. Get started today and take your game to a higher level.

Power: This is the characteristic that allows an athlete to “explode” in an athletic competition. Whether it is jumping higher, kicking stronger, or tackling harder, it all takes power. In this phase of training, our goal is to increase the power in which the athlete performs his/her specific sports movements. In this phase we will also do some strengthening of key muscle groups. This will allow the individual to increase the force and velocity of movement therefore translating into more power on the field.

Agility: This characteristic involves the ability to react quickly to events on the playing field or in the arena. You can be agile but not fast and you can be fast but not agile. When you are both, it makes for a winning combination. In this phase we will work on reaction time as well as getting that “first step” quickness perfected. We want you to be the first one to get to the ball and the last person any one of your competitors wants to chase from behind.

Speed: This is how fast an athlete can move from one point to the next. This is probably the single most important characteristic in sports performance today. No matter what sport you play, you want to be able to do it FAST. In this phase we will focus on getting the athlete to get his/her neuromuscular units firing faster. This will train the body to get all muscles coordinated to fire at one time and do it fast!

Contact Nick @ 614-506-5727 to discuss your performance training program today and let us help you get the WINNING EDGE!

We utilize the VERTIMAX Training system in our performance training protocols. See pics below or visit for more details.

Personal Training  Personal Training