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"I have been training with Nick for over a year. His expertise, knowledge, and personality make working out fun and beneficial. I could exercise on my own at a health club or at home but it is very hard to stay motivated or use correct form. Some trainers are content to tell you the exercise to do with little dialogue or interest in personal fitness goals, sort of like using a program on a DVD. It is easy to stay motivated with Nick because he diversifies my workouts and helps me work towards my personal fitness goals. Nick is currently working with another trainer and myself to design and implement my personal fitness plan together. I appreciate Nick's reliability, responsiveness and flexibility in scheduling our time together.
I am confident that anyone who chooses to train with Nick will be pleased with their results."

- Cindy

"Nick Persichetti became my personal trainer at a time when I was having several physical challenges. For the past two years I’ve been impressed with his ability to quickly adapt routines using his keen observation and listening skills, combined with his training expertise, to craft an exercise program targeting my issues with balance, strength, and conditioning. I have appreciated Nick’s friendly, respectful, and professional manner towards me and with other clients, as well as a healthy camaraderie with the other trainers. My balance, strength, and general physical stamina have greatly improved, thanks to my work with this talented trainer."
- Peg

“Nick worked with our FITNESS LEVEL and age. He made us feel COMFORTABLE in our own skin and we have never looked or felt BETTER! We are fit to live life!"
- Nick and Jackie, Age 60

“After spending a year with Nick, training for a Marathon is easy. I am in the best shape of my life!”
- Zachary, Age 31

“When I needed to get in shape for my wedding, Nick worked with me to see results within 6 weeks. My dress fit perfectly and I could not be happier.”
- Jennie, Age 29

"In addition to maintaining good health by working out with a personal trainer, there is another factor that is equally important……NO INJURIES. As a former ballet dancer, I learned from my Russian teachers that correct body positioning in technique is so important to avoid injuries. Nick Persichetti knows which exercises to use, with the exact weights, so that I always leave feeling great and have lots of energy to get me through the day. What more could one ask for! Be good to yourself…..make an appointment with Nick. You deserve it!"